PHASE II of the Rehabilitation at Crescent Commons is now complete!

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Cresent Commons is a game changer for Cortland!

The Crescent Commons houses 47 upscale loft style market-rate one and two bedroom apartments and the middle floor contains 40,000 s/f of office space. In addition, there is a potential 30,000 square feet of good quality space on the lower floor for a wide variety of activities, some of which include offices, light manufacturing, warehousing and wholesaling.    
The facility is located on the fringe of downtown Cortland. Onsite parking contains over 175 spaces, with street parking adding sufficient capacity for 100% use of the building.

Phase I of the commercial space, completed in the spring of 2018, contains 23,500 s/f and if fully occupied. Phase II was completed in early 2019 and contains 16,500 s/f with 6,700 s/f finished as single offices and office suites.  

East Side Complex
Suite 3 contains one and two room offices, ideal for single executive office or office with waiting room or reception room:         

3-A  204 s/f Single office         
3-B  324 s/f Two rooms – waiting room or reception         
3-C 420 s/f Two rooms        “        “             “         
3-D 198 s/f Two rooms        “       “              “         
3-E 187 s/f Single Office Suite 4 879 s/f Four offices with a large common space
3-F  238 s/f  Single Room – can have access to Suite 3-G
3-G   238 s/f  Single Room - can have access to Suite 3-F

Suite 5 1,116 s/f Three large offices with a 224 s/f commons space 
Suite 6    1,411 s/f  Four offices and on reception area
Suite 7  1,975 s/f   Six offices, conference room and reception area
“Bay 5” is located at the south end of Crescent Commons at the Huntington Street corner. It contains 9,724 s/f ($7582/mo. includes utilities) and is available for a wide variety of uses. It has windows on three sides and two fire rated means of egress from the parking lot. It has a loading dock at Huntington Street and a freight elevator that provides access to the basement.  This space can be built out as office, R & D, light manufacturing, retail or wholesale, or testing lab.